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Time Flies When You’re Having Fun
January 31, 2010, 9:28 am
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It’s the last day of January which means that the year is 1/12 over.  It must have been a good month because it flew by.  Haven’t you ever noticed that when things are going well, the time just flies?

So, what did I spend the  month doing?  Knitting of course, I am close to finishing a slanted cable sweater.  I finished a yak /alpaca hat, a dishcloth and a handpaint yarn felted bag.  The yak and alpaca came from Shady Haven’s Fiber Designs.   It was really lovely to work with.  The hat is really warm and I might even wear it.  I only wear hats when it’s severely cold and I’ll be outside for some time.  I did not make my goal of 2,010 yards for this month, since I only count projects when they are totally completed.

Our oldest god-daughter had her 2nd child, a boy named Elijah Preston.  His grandfather Preston is looking down from heaven and is smiling knowing what a beautiful daughter he raised.

I took a good friend to see Little House on the Prairie the Musical.  Unfortunately, Melissa Gilbert had pneumonia so we didn’t see her.  We had front row seats and the play was magnificent especially the 10-year-old who played Carrie.  Her voice was so clear and on tone – she’ll go places.

At work, we’re still getting settled in after a move to get everyone in the same office.   I’ve learned over the years that there are many people who don’t deal well with change and so they tend to strike out and complain about little things because they don’t realize or don’t want to admit that they don’t handle change.

It’s been as cold as -11 degrees this month and as warm as 39.  We’ve had under 7 inches of snow – that’s about half the average for January.

Well that’s all for now – keep knitting – be good to each other – and smile, it makes people wonder what you are up to!


Jack Frost Came for a Visit
January 17, 2010, 9:33 am
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This winter has challenged many people.  People have felt colder temperatures than they ever have before.  We live in the upper midwest so we’re used to the cold and snow.  That does not mean that I enjoy the winter.  I used to but with each year I seem to enjoy it less and less.

This morning when I woke up and went out to get the Sunday Tribune, I saw that Jack Frost had come for a visit.  He painted all the trees in the neighborhood and it is beautiful!  The cardinals are flying around the back yard and singing.  I think the birds are even enjoying Jack Frost’s artwork.

So, instead of grumbling about the snow and cold today, I think I’ll sit back with a bold cup of coffee and enjoy the scenery.

Aren’t Weekends Great!
January 16, 2010, 9:45 pm
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Today we ran errands including over an hour at the grocery store.  I do not like to shop for groceries especially with my husband.  He takes so long looking at each item over and over until he finds just the one he is looking for.  Today’s trip went really well – I think I was just happy being with him and it didn’t matter where we were.  It only took me 20 years of grocery shopping together to realize that.

After we got home and did a little housework,  I finished the trunk of the sweater that I mentioned in my first post.  Tomorrow I’ll start on the sleeves and hopefully will have it done by Wednesday’s knit night.

The Nikon D5000 book I ordered online came today.  Maybe after reading a page or two I’ll start to feel more comfortable experimenting with my newest toy.

Shamrock or Clover – It’s all in your perspective!
January 16, 2010, 8:04 am
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As the new year and new decade started, I thought: “Why not start a blog?”  I enjoy reading other people’s blogs, so here I am putting my thoughts out there for all to read.

I’m a knitter, reader and am starting to delve into photography.  I just bought a Nikon D5000 and it is awesome – even on the automatic setting.  I can’t wait until I really learn how to use it.  This week, I captured 3 eagles in a shot.

Currently I’m knitting Braided Pullover by Alina Khasanova.  The yarn I’m using is alpaca and wool in a green heather.

Stop by when you have a few minutes to read what I’m up to…